Admisson form for prospective PhD students

The requirements for accepting applicants to the PhD program:

  1. To enter the PhD program (from the organization), you must provide the following documents:

  2. A letter from the organization addressed to the rector about the referral to the PhD program program for a specific specialty with the following documents attached:

  3. Certificate (Low literacy) of the candidate

  4. Master's degree

  5. List of scientific publications (if any).

  6. After receiving the documents (item 1), the documents are reviewed and the applicant is interviewed with the participation of professors of the relevant department.

  7. If the applicant shows the necessary minimum of knowledge, and is also suitable for admission according to all criteria, the issue of a three-way Contract between the candidate, the sending organization and the university is resolved.

  8. If the candidate does not fully meet the necessary criteria for admission to PhD studies (for example, he does not have the necessary knowledge and publications, but there is a strong desire to study and get this knowledge), then it is decided (for each case individually) how to gain this knowledge (of course, if it is possible in each case).

  9. After the decision to accept this candidate for PhD studies (signing a tripartite Contract), the candidate fills in information about himself in the database on the website of the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan ( /) during the period when the system is start a acceptance.

  10. If necessary, an official interview is recorded on a video camera.