Feedback Bot

Technology-enabled campuses are critical to a university’s survival. Aside from the obvious reasons of the students and staff using technology on a daily basis, handheld and mobile devices have also redefined traditional higher education culture. With mobile devices in hand, any student can find the answers to almost any of life’s questions within seconds. One of the most helpful features in the mobile devices is messenger like Telegram, which is the main messenger in Uzbekistan.

Latest additional feature in Telegram is Chat bots. It is a piece of program, which is based on AI and machine learning in small level. User can interact with bots by sending commands and they will reply with exactly what user needs as chatting with a knowledgeable friend. Such bots are customizable depending on user requirements and integrated into various services to, such as, controlling smart home, customized tools and other social services. For this reason, our Team developed a Telegram Bot Framework (which can be well adopted to any organization). Below we list the features of this Bot.

  • Obtain Timetable for each class

  • After classes students can evaluate the class

  • Provide a full feedback to each class

  • Obtain news

  • Book Rooms