Academic Council

General Provisions

The Academic Council is principal academic body of the TTPU and shall subject to the provisions to the Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Bye-Laws shall have the control over and be responsible for the maintenance of standards of education, teaching and training, inter departmental co-ordination, research, examinations and tests with in the TTPU and shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be imposed or conferred upon it by the Rules and Bye-Laws.

Structure of The Academic Council

  • The Academic Council is formed by the University Rector’s order

  • Head of the Academic Council of the University is the Head of the Academic Department

  • The members of the Scientific Council are the rector, secretary, dean, head of departments, teacher’s staff

  • If a member of Academic Council is unable to attend the meeting of the Academic Council or is late for a valid reason he/she is to notify the scientific secretary of the Scientific Council of the TTPU at the time

  • The Academic Council consists of an odd number of members. In case of need some decisions of the Academic Council are able to be changed

The Academic Council consist of the following persons, namely:



The Council should hold a minimum of four ordinary meetings per year, the dates for which are published before the start of the academic year

  • 1st Academic Council Meeting
    10.00 - 07.01.2022
    B1 Building

  • 2nd Academic Council Meeting
    15.00 - 13.04.2022
    B1 Building